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  • This cereal is used in livestock feed and in the production of malta for beer and whisky. Known as 12,000 years ago, the barley is probably one of the oldest grasses used by the man for food. It is an annual plant, originally, perhaps, in West Asia and north-east Africa. Entered Europe before the grain and currently is cultivated in almost all over the world.
  • Natural properties:
  • - Desintoxicante, cure the discomforts and the inflammations of the digestive system and the urinary tract.
  • - The content of sodium and potassium maintain the balance of body fluid avoiding excess water retention and dehydration.
  • - Good for weight control.
  • - Prevents the hormonal disturbances in the women because it contains compounds that confer capacity estrogenic, in addition during pregnancy is known the guarantee of health for the fetus and is of great support during the breastfeeding by its content in vitamins and minerals.
  • - By its zinc content, the consumption of barley helps enhance the sexual energy and the seminal fluid.
  • - The consumption of barley is recommended for the athletes as in to be ideal to respond to the grancantidad minerals that have been lost by the sweat. The barley for its power alcalinizante, offset the effects of the acidosis produced in the periods of maximum muscular effort.
  • - In children barley is rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C folic acid and pantothenic, hill and biotin) and minerals (calcium magnesium, zing, sodium, potassium), the barley is very useful in periods of growth, the lack of appetite, muscle development and mental, and in case of repeated infections.
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