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Properties:Detox liver which promotes the Elimination of fat and toxins accumulated in the li..
Properties:It promotes the increase of muscle mass Their Zinc content favocrece the growth ..
Properties:Powerful antioxidant that prevents the envejecimietno of tissues and cells. It..
Properties:Combat inflammation level urogenital cystitis and prostatitis Natural as antifun..
PERUSANA PERUVIAN MACA - JAR X 100 TABLETS 800 MG  by its content in protein, vitamin..
PERUSANA PERUVIAN MACA GELATINIZED X 100 TABLETS 800 MG : Perusana Maca  by its content..
Properties:Powerful antioxidant, promotes digestion, controls blood sugar levels in th..
Properties:Excellent anti-inflammatory in chronic diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, ten..
Perusana Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3,6 and 9  - Jar x 60 Soft Capsules 1000 mg : The P..
Properties:It helps to reduce symptoms of menopause (bochornos) Reduces the risk of devel..
Properties:It helps to reduce body weight by its content of seaweed, hercampuri, caigua and g..
Properties:It modulates the concentration of glucose in the blood in diabetic patients. I..