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Brand: Ajinomoto Model: AJINOMIXABLANDA44
"Ajinomix" Ablanda Sazon - Peruvian Seasoning Powder (Meat Tenderizer) , Bag x 4 Sachets = 44 gr : It is a powdered meat tenderizer containing papain, which is extracted from papaya and tenderizes foods such as red meat. Plus, it has the perfect combination of garlic, onion, and salt. Now the m..
Brand: Ajinomoto Model: AJINOMIXCHIFA48
"Ajinomix" Peruvian Chifa Seasoning Powder (Mix to prepare Chifa), Bag x 4 Sachets = 48 gr :Ajinomix peruvian seasoning that it contains salt-based powder mix and soy sauce. It is a powdered mixture that contains the chef's recipe to prepare chifa food such as chaufa rice, salted noodles, chick..
Brand: Ajinomoto Model: DELIARROZ72
"Deli Arroz" Ajinomix - Peruvian Rice Seasoning, Bag x 6 sachets = 72 gr : Deli Arroz a complete powdered seasoning to prepare rice that contains and replaces garlic and salt. It provides a delicious and balanced flavor because it is made from dehydrated natural ingredients...
Brand: Ajinomoto Model: AJINOMOT1KG
 Ajinomoto - Seasoning , Bag x 500 gr: It is a natural flavor enhancer in their food. Basically it consists of an essential andmost abundant proteins in nature, the amino acid glutamate. AJI-NO-MOTO ®, whichin Japanese means "esse..
Brand: Motta Paneton Model: KPIMNEGRA50GR
Kariño - Black Pepper Seasoning Powder ,  Jar x 40 gr :  ..
Msrina - Table Salt , bag x 1 Kg :  Peruvian Table salt with fluorine and iodine..
Brand: Sibarita Model: SIBARITAAJIPANCA57
Sibarita - Peruvian Ground Panca Chili Seasoning - Bag x 57 gr = 6 Sachets : Peruvian Ground Panca Chili Powder instant seasoning (no spicy) that  improve the flavor and colour of your food.   ..
Brand: Sibarita Model: SIBARSAZONAD80GR
Sibarita Peruvian Pancha Chili - Jar x 80 gr : Peruvian Chili Powder instant seasoning (no spicy) that  improve the flavor and colour of your food.   ..
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