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VIda & Quinoa

Vida & Quinua - Black Quinoa 100% Natural "Vidandina" , Bag x 454 gr : This Andean seed belongs to the Amaranthaceae family, plants that inhabit tropical areas. Its unique black color is due to the high presence of anthocyanins (antioxidants) that prevent damage to the plant due to sol..
Vida & Quinua - Red Quinoa Seeds 100% Natural "Vidandina" , Bag x 454 gr : Red quinoa is a pseudocereal from the Andean province, very nutritious and has great value in vegetable proteins, this is a gluten-free seed and full of carbohydrates, to mention a few, we have isoleucine, lysin..
Vida & Quinua - Tricolor Quinoa Seeds 100% Natural "Vidandina" , Bag x 454 gr : Quinoa Tricolor is an Andean cereal, of exceptional nutritional value, rich in vegetable proteins, gluten-free, large amounts of carbohydrates and an excellent balance of essential amino acids. The ..
Vida & Quinua - White Quinoa Seeds 100% Natural "Vidandina" , Bag x 454 gr : White quinoa is a functional food and the best known variety on the market. Its flavor is the most subtle of all the varieties and it also contains fewer calories than the others. Promotes a healthy diges..
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