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Brand: Niño Divino Model: VELANEGR
Peru - Handmade Man and Woman Back to Back Black Couple Candle Separation (Vela Separacion de Pareja ) to Break Up Love Spell - Pack x 12 Units: . This Black candle presents a man & woman back to back (Divorce candles) . Burn a Black Candle to Break Up or to separate two people who are caus..
Chaman - Peruvian Ecologic Incenses Handmade Palo Santo - Holy Wood, Pack x 12 Boxes of 4 Units Each one : Incense handmade Palo Santo Holy Wood and it is used to expel negative energies and attract positive energies. Balances the energies, seeking and increasing all positive. This Holy Wo..
Brand: Niño Divino Model: VELAHUMILLADO
Female Domination Couple Candle - Woman & Humiliated Kneeling Man , Spiritual Ritual Love Spell - Fall in Love with Me - Pack x 12 units : This Peruvian Red Couple Candle  is used to  make suffer and humiliate to that man who was once important to your life and now he ha..
 Honey Love Extract Oil ( Extracto de Miel de Amor) , Love Spell to attract the Beloved - Small Botlle x 20 ML - Pack x 12 Units :  Honey Love Extract Oil , is elaborated with extract of herbs, pheromones and highly aphrodisiac animal fats and it is used to attract the beloved, o..
 Oil Tick Extract ( Extracto de Garrapata) to Love Spell , Small Botlle x 20 ML - Pack x 12 Units :  The tick extract oil , is a liquid that is extracted from a special seed, and has the virtue of acting as a means for immaterial requests, such as the request for love, fortune, m..
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